Shooting Raphael 2


Self-taught, RS Artist is a young artist from Paris born in the early 1990s. Inspired by Basquiat’s Street Art, Warhol’s Pop Art, Villeglé’s collage technique and Pollock’s fury of action painting, the artist takes us into his world full of color, strength and life between Pop and Urban Art.

An enjoyable, fresh and impulsive art, where chaos inexorably carries us towards a future full of promises.
RS Artist generally strives to take images out of their initial context in order to build a new composition, allowing the viewer to dive into the artwork and forge his own story with regard to his sensitivity and imagination.

What we first notice is the quantity of elements in his artworks where no detail is left to chance: symbols and characters are carefully selected from sources such as newspapers, posters or photographs to allow a creation of meaning most relevant for the author but also for the viewer. In this way, the artist deflects the image that one can have of the elements that compose them.

His artwork is thus not a question of transforming the aesthetics of everyday life into a work of art but rather of demonstrating that art, consumer society and pop culture are at the same level and can coexist in a single image.