titelbild bob


Bob Leinders is a Dutch photographer based in Hamburg, Germany, who works for international brands and advertising agencies and major fashion magazines.

It was in 2011 that he developed a desire to move back to the simplicity of his beginning years. This is how his series „Covered“ was born.

The artist states:
„Some years ago, I took a picture of my wife and my then ten year old daughter, whom I had just wrapped in a blanket. The resulting image was very pure and simple.
The blanket was not very soft or gentle and actually not very comfortable. But maybe that is what makes it so special. Maybe this slightly uncomfortable feeling is exactly what adds to it.

So all of a sudden, I found myself taking this blanket with me: into my studio, on tours, into other countries…I shot models I worked with, friends and people I just personally liked. The range of blanket pictures then widened to celebrities but also to people from the slums of Phillipi in Cape Town.
I see it as a reminder that, underneath it all, we are all the same.“