Mora Kirchner Amadío (‘Mora’ for the letters of ‘love’ -amor- in Spanish) is the artists’s real name. CREMADECREMA is her artistic identity, just like “crème de la crème” but from a third world country. Cream, also as the grease part of milk. In Argentina when you call something or someone “grease” (grasa) refers to being tacky or of bad taste. That is CREMADECREMA: the best of the best of me, but also my most unbearable and “grasa” side.

A ’90s baby, born and raised in the mountains of Argentina, now based in Berlin. Visual artist, professional photographer, sculptor, digital collage artist, part-time writer, constantly mutating.

CREMADECREMA lives from an overly emotional and surreal point of view. She constantly feels she is living in-between worlds; the real world cities belong to, and her magical, surreal, twisted and fun inner world. She claims being a very socially anxious person, and she found the best way to coexist in a healthy way in modern society is by creating (visual) art.

It started with digital collages, then the artist started to make digital interventions on her photographs with provoked glitch technique. She is currently experimenting with mixed media art pieces, specialising in expanded photography (photography that goes beyond the frame).

Almost all the time, CREMADECREMA feels overwhelmed by her own feelings, so her art is her own way to heal an existential wound. It is a constant representation of myself as an Alice in Wonderland in different cities of the world, and she connects with reality through it. She work with self-portraits almost exclusively, because that’s her way to remind herself that she exists, that she belongs to life and life belongs to her; it’s the artist’s way to remind herself that „I am here, and I am part of both worlds: the real world out there and my inner world. I aim with this technique to encourage other people to explore themselves, understand themselves, and love themselves.“