Chinese Bride-3


Thai artist Virut Panchabuse from Bangkok is known for his expressive pop-art portraits entirely made in collage technique.

After his first success through awards and solo exhibitions in Asia, the artist had his first European exhibition in Amsterdam in 2017, directly followed by one in Bahrain in 2018, selling out in both cities. His artworks are among others in possession of prestigious worldwide collections such as that of Italian fashion giant Luciano Benetton and it is nowadays very hard to get hands on an original by Virut.

By meticulously assembling thousands of tiny old magazine patches (mostly taken from fashion and porn magazines to achieve the right skin colours and textures), layer by layer, the shy artist creates man-sized, almost hyperrealistic portraits full of expression, vividness and light effects.

He thereby celebrates character and emotions of his subjects regardless of their gender, age and ethnicity.